Some places in the world are known to have strong energy fields. These places help you to establish a connection with the divine powers and provide answers to questions that you have been long seeking for. People have even reported dreaming strange things in these places.

Some of these regions currently known to men are listed below

  1. Machu Picchu in Peru – The place is said to have very high energy levels because of its location, which is at a high altitude within the concentric circles of Andes Mountains. People have had some out of the world experiences in this place and some of the ceremonies conducted here have brought about drastic changes in the lives of people.Machu Pichu
  2. Socotra – Socotra is a group of 4 islands in the Indian Ocean and the natural scenes are just out of a scifi movie. The island is home to unique set of species that are found nowhere else in the world. The place is found to be abundant in spiritual energy and people have got some divine experiences in this region.
  3. Easter Island   - The island has very less inhabitants and lots of unfinished statues and nobody has an idea as to who created the statues. Apart from this, the mysterious island also has a ceremonial village comprising of 53 stone houses without windows and doors. The island has a circular stone called “Navel of the World” which is said to contain the most important spiritual energy lines of the earth and it is said to bear all the secrets of this universe.
  4. Berat – Albania – Berat is a UNESCO site and it has a powerful healing energy. Apparently inside the city walls are many people who do not believe and who have never suffered from any type of disease. This authentic place has wonderful architecture which is the pride of Albania
  5. Stonehenge -  Stonehenge is located in Salisbury Plain in the county of Wiltshire, UK. Monolithic slabs and pillars forming concentric circles is the chief attraction in this region. Studies suggest that it was used as an astronomical observatory in connection with cults and economic performance of the population involved in agriculture and is dedicated to the Sun
  6. Mount Kailash in Tibet – The peak is considered holy in both Hinduism and Buddhism.It is considered that climbing the peak can offer spiritual bliss as it is the abode of Gods. Many people who have visited this claim to have achieved good health and bliss.
  7. The Sanctuary Belintash – This place in Bulgaria has one of the strongest energy zones in Europe. The peak is surrounded by holes resembling various constellations filled with water. The place is a sight of mysterious happenings and only a few people are successful in climbing it.
  8. The Plateau Uluru in Australia – It is believed that a person who goes around this plateau in Australia gets spiritual visions. Legend says that the plateau serves as a major energy source as it is hollow from inside. Numerous cave paintings by the tribal people in the area throw more light about the effects of spiritual energy in this region.
  9. Cenote Sagrado – Mexico – It basically means the sacred well and was revered by Mayas. The water in the well is considered sacred as it has many life sustaining properties.
  10. Vortexes, Arizona, United States – It is believed that the rising spiritual energy creates vortexes in this area in Sedona. The environment induces good vibes and people visit this place as they get the divine energy to pray and meditate and eventually get themselves healed.

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