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4 ways you could save your backpacking trip from being a complete mess

Backpacking trips are fun, they give you an adrenaline rush, they make for great trips, they don't cost as much as a regular vacation and you get to experience new things each time you go backpacking. You can make sure this experience remains the same by following a few simple steps.

First things first, make a detailed packing list
Everyone thinks they know exactly what they need as they think they will remember everything while packing and this does not always end well. If you have a guide book, follow it to the T and if you don't have a list, its always a smart idea to refer to someone else’s. Once you have a list, go through it atlas 3 times to make sure you have everything on it.

Secondly, check all your equipment
A lot of times people end up with broken backpack straps, broken tent pole, flashlight that doesn’t turn on, a broken zipper, even a leaking bottle; These situations aren't the most pleasing ones, avoid these by check all your equipments 2-3 times at least. Carry some duct tape, safety pins, needle and thread and a para chord and face these situations like a pro.

Next, study the map thoroughly
Unless your trip has a guide who knows the trail at the back of his hand, its always a good idea to study the map. Even if you do not know the exact grid coordinates, knowing the area in general will make you feel safer and more comfortable. Get an extremely detailed map of the area, this will help you pinpoint the area which you will hike to and camp at. Most of these maps have a detailed description of the terrain, the water bodies, elevations and any other features that you must know about. You can always use a GPS but you never know when it fails you.

After the map, check for the weather conditions
Most often people forget to check for the weather conditions as they presume it would be exactly like how it is in the city or maybe just a little colder. If you do not want to do a detailed study, at least look at the weather forecast. Sometimes the weather forecast might be wrong, so always go back and do a secondary research for yourself to avoid a situation where it is raining and the temperatures are dropping drastically and you are wearing the wrong kind of clothing.

Having a perfect packing list, checking your equipments, studying both the map and the weather can make your trip just that much more safe and comfortable. If you feel like you need some more information, try to read some other material from other bloggers or travellers. 

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