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Speed Spirit Entertainment Presents ✦FLIPKNOT & KEROSENE CLUB ✦Live at pebbles! VENUE ➤➼➤ PebbleDATE ➤➼➤8th September ➤➼➻➤ LINE-UP & ARTIST INFO ➤➼➻➤✶~FLIPKNOT-(Parvati Records) ✶~Flipknot is an experi-mental avatar of Brian Fernandes...

Speed Spirit Entertainment Presents ✦FLIPKNOT & KEROSENE CLUB ✦Live at pebbles!

VENUE ➤➼➤ Pebble

DATE ➤➼➤8th September 


✶~FLIPKNOT-(Parvati Records) ✶~

Flipknot is an experi-mental avatar of Brian Fernandes aka Kerosene Club. An experiment which started as to send sound signals /codes to outer space or to other pillon riders who fell across other parts of planet earth or who maybe passing by and would raise a remote possibility of get a hitch ride back again.
Assembling and disintegrating soundwaves ,balancing and disguising them as leads and fx patterns against the tempo of the beat of an excited heart to avoid getting attention from the Human race. Strangely these experiments had an adverse effect on the human race who danced and grooved to when amplified to louder decibels.,some even meditated,which bought great joy and inner peace to him.
Nowadays he is on a full time mission conducting these experiments which resulted in explosive rituals in forests,urban dancefloors,river sides and at the same time serving the purpose of sending signal codes to his fellow kind pursuing his super secret mission. He has been travelling & experimenting constantly around the world including India,Russia,Mexico,Guatemala,U.S.A,Costa Rica,Canada,Brazil,Israel,Greece,Japan,Germany,Belgium,Spain,Dubai,Nepal,New zealand and other unmentionable beautiful places.

Follow him on:
➤➼➻➤ https://www.facebook.com/flipknotofficial/

✶~KEROSENE CLUB-(Temple Twisters Records) ✶~

Brian Fernandes aka Kerosene CLub / Flipknot /Fibre Stomp is one of india's most respected trance composer/dj with a fan following spread all over the world.His sets are legendary as well his diverse taste in other genres of music.His Versatility lies across his different styles .He can send you into the deepest realms of existence to the most pleasant journeys one can embark on .One of the few versatile Indian electronic musician who is constantly touring and spreading his sound to the four corners of the world.A Slight peak into his main occupation revolves around manipulating sound frequencies to influence one's brain and one's kneecap and testing it on human specimens in places like India,Japan,Russia,Mexico,Guatemala,Brazil,Germany,New Zealand,Portugal,Australia ,Greece,Belgium,Spain,Dubai,Sri Lanka,Costa Rica.U.s.a,Kazakhstan,Nepal etc .He has performed at the Boom Fest,Full moon Fest,Psycrowdelica,Sol Fest,ozora,universo parallelo etc.. Constantly touring,he is spreading the temple twisting sound like wildfire.He also is owner of constantly active labels like Temple Twisters(Psychedelic ),Digital Distortion Records(Full on ) and the unseen force behind Tremors undergound Productions and Air Snare records.Discovering fresh talent and giving them a platform along with the seasoned stars of the ever-expanding roster of musicians.He is involved also in side projects full on - Fibre Stomp and a progressive/chill out avatar as Brianoid .

Follow him on:
➤➼➻➤ http://soundcloud.com/keroseneclubflipknot
➤➼➻➤ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kerosene-Club/159661003551?ref=br_tf

✶~MARTIAN DE-(Shunyata Records) ✶~

Martian De is the project of Daanish Matheen, hailing from Bangalore, India.
He was exposed to Psytrance in his early teens. 

Astonished by the sounds, he got curious and started experimenting to re create these sounds in 2011... soon this project came to life.

His music has a diverse spectrum of sounds, from Dark quirky lush sounds to up lifting groovy sounds and a rumbling bassline with the intention to keep those feet moving on the dance floor.

Follow him on:
➤➼➤ https://soundcloud.com/martian-de-darkpsy
➤➼➤ https://www.facebook.com/martian.de.darkpsy/

✶~AIRVOYANT-(Trisulam Tribe) ✶~

Airvoyant is the solo night psytrance project from Raveen Mohanan who hails from Kerala, India. Trained by Artem leontev (Umber Vamber), AirVoyant project has been moulded into an explosive package of mind bending forest and dark sounds fused with groovy basslines.

Follow him on:
➤➼➤ https://www.facebook.com/airvoyant/

✶~RUDRA-(Dikkapaal Records) ✶~

Follow him on:
➤➼➤ https://soundcloud.com/rudra_dikkapaalrecs

~"Keep Moving. Keep Dancing. A menagerie of life through the eyes of a free spirit!"~

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