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Welcoming you to Speed Spirit Version of ~Gateway to the otherside~Featuring ✶Amras ✶Alpscore ✶Spektrum ✶Joker Fox ✶Avylago ✶➤➼➻➤ LINE-UP & ARTIST INFO ➤➼➻➤~ ✺AMRAS -Pleiadian/Lunatic Alien Rec//Portugal~ ✺Amras is portuguese...
Welcoming you to Speed Spirit Version of ~Gateway to the otherside~Featuring ✶Amras ✶Alpscore ✶Spektrum ✶Joker Fox ✶Avylago ✶


~ ✺AMRAS -Pleiadian/Lunatic Alien Rec//Portugal~ ✺

Amras is portuguese based psychedelic producer by the name of Miguel Ferro created in 2009. He has been working on this project since 2009 developing a unique style of music characterized by squelchy leads, twisted basslines, energetic grooves and random vocals unveiling to the world a fresh journey in to the future. Amras has been blasting dance floors around the world playing along side renowned names of the psychedelic scene.



~ ✺ALPSCORE - Alice-D Records//Italy ✺~

AlpsCore is a project of Max based in the tyrolean alps, Innsbruck. He started Djing in 2008 being inspired by his friend Yurupari. After collecting expiriences on parties and festivals for some years his head built his own vision of fast psychedelic music. Some years of training and gaining producing skills he started out in 2015 with his live project AlpsCore. Since there he is always trying to improve in quality and music knowledge to produce fast brutal experimental music on high quality and with musical sense. All that with the goal to bang peoples head with beatiful but hard music.


~ ✺SPEKTRUM - Ataxia Records//Portugal ✺~

Spektrum is the second psytrance project of Miguel Ferro AKA Amras.
Spektrum music is a night full on project with simple drums but evolved on wicked leads and many psychedelic effects that make an energy groove in the tracks capable of blowing your mind.


~ ✺JOKER FOX -Sacred Sound//India ✺~

Hailing from a city that has become the experimental capital of Indian Psytrance, Bangalore.
JokerFox is part of a tribe of an extremely endangered species, Lysergic Native Earthling, their survival depends on sound. 
Music in all its varied spectrum,is the air which they breathe.
Generally a high bpm tribal animal and after almost a decade blasting on the dancefloor. 
JokerFox founded and manages one of the only labels in Psytrance with a pure focus on spreading quality psychedelic trance over 200BPM! 
Sacred Sound Records.
Apart from Sacred Sound he is also represents the Chilean tribe Phrenetic Tale Records and the maniakos from Mexico,Popol Vuh Records.


~ ✺AVYLAGO-Padang/Draweedian records//India ✺~

Avylago is a versatile audio-visual project of Kuldeep Ashia from Bangalore. The final output of the project is the combination and permutation of all the auditory and visual experiences till present from all the while ago!!!! 
The soundscapes of this project are characterised by lower bpms, cutting edge hybrid sounds sinking in and out of darkness. With loads a tribalistic influences coming in from the amazonian label PADANG and freestyle comprehension of psychedelic sound, courtesy of DRAWEEDIAN RECORDS.


To make this night even more Special we have ☬AMRAS Vs ALPSCORE☬ 
(Exclusive Speed Spirit Set)

❈✦❈✦❈ DECOR ❈✦❈✦❈


❈✦❈✦❈ VISUALS ❈✦❈✦❈


VENUE ➤➼➤ Pebble

DATE ➤➼➤7th April 

~"Keep Moving. Keep Dancing. A menagerie of life through the eyes of a free spirit!"~
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