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Welcoming you to Speed Spirit Exclusive version of ☬HIDDEN REALITY☬Featuring ✺PARANOIA SECTOR ✺ ✺OTKUN ✺11:33 ✺~All projects playing live for the first time in India!!VENUE ➤➼➤ PebbleDATE ➤➼➤2nd June ➤➼➻➤LINE-UP &...

Welcoming you to Speed Spirit Exclusive version of ☬HIDDEN REALITY☬Featuring ✺PARANOIA SECTOR ✺ ✺OTKUN ✺11:33 ✺~All projects playing live for the first time in India!!

VENUE ➤➼➤ Pebble

DATE ➤➼➤2nd June 


~ ✶PARANOIA SECTOR-(Darknox Rec/Greece) ✶~

The man behind Paranoia Sector project is Antonis Kotsis, born in 1987 - is a producer of dark psytrance and high techno music. As he has been experimenting on this music genre since his adolescent years, he ultimately created his project in 2008. After 2010, significant results of his work started spreading through various compilations and through his first EP as well, while also performing in several parties and festivals both in Greece and abroad. He has also held, and still does, an important role and position concerning the organization of many outdoor underground parties. At the same time, Paranoia is also occupied with graphic design projects, such as creating fliers and covers on his own most of which circulate and are used by the psychedelic community. Even though psychedelic trance was the genre that truly won his over from the beginning, he has also experimented on two other genres, that of drum&bass and minimal techno. Several more releases are expected soon as well as his new second album which he will be showcasing in the tour which is to be released on Darknox Records In September 2018.

➤➼➻➤ https://soundcloud.com/psybaf-music
➤➼➻➤ https://soundcloud.com/paranoiasector
➤➼➻➤ https://soundcloud.com/darknox-musica
➤➼➻➤ https://parasecd.daportfolio.com/
➤➼➻➤ https://paranoiasectormusic.bandcamp.com/releases
➤➼➻➤ https://darknoxrecords.bandcamp.com/
➤➼➻➤ https://www.facebook.com/paranoiasector/

~ ✶OTKUN-(Visionary Shamanic/Voodoo Hoodoo/Lycantrop/Uroboros/Quantum Digits/Zenon)Canada ✶~

Otkun main goal is to increase awareness of ones body, soul, intellect and the universe as such. He also like to bring back the idea and reinvention of ancient tribal rituals and ceremonies. He will always try to expand the communication with lost and forgotten life & cultures. His music is firmly entrenched within the Forest Psy, Hitech, Darkprog & Shamanic Downtempo. Focusing on the time of transition from dark to light and light to dark as the sun rises and sets, Otkun delivers a great deal of energy while drawing upon the forces of good and evil to manifest the perfection of non-duality.


➤➼➻➤ https://soundcloud.com/otkun
➤➼➻➤ https://www.mixcloud.com/otkun/
➤➼➻➤ https://www.facebook.com/otkun.music/
➤➼➻➤ https://otkun.bandcamp.com/
➤➼➻➤ https://voodoo-hoodoo.bandcamp.com/
➤➼➻➤ https://enigmatikrecords.bandcamp.com/ ➤➼➻➤ https://looneymoonexperiment.bandcamp.com/
➤➼➻➤ https://forestspirit.bandcamp.com/
➤➼➻➤ https://visionaryshamanics.bandcamp.com/
➤➼➻➤ https://badgersrecords.bandcamp.com/

~ ✶11:33-(Looney Moon Experient Recs)Canada ✶~

Healing, as an aspect of shamanism, occurs in a variety of forms wherever it is practiced. Within a diversity of indigenous populations & inspired by so many different cultures, 11:33 is fascinated by the shamanistic and musical healing practices, which can provide insights into general characteristics of shamanistic healing through music. the “songs” themselves flow from one into the other subtly and gently, so as not to call attention to the music itself, further allowing it to be a vehicle that simply helps to guide and transport you on your journey.


To make the night even more special we have a ~special surprise exclusive set~which will
Be announcing soon.

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~"Keep Moving. Keep Dancing. A menagerie of life through the eyes of a free spirit!"~

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